Thursday, October 18, 2007

Supersize This, Baby

I wrote earlier in Schmancy Shopping about the joys of grocery errands in the exquisite environs of the San Francisco Ferry Building. On Saturday, R Man and I plan an expedition to the polar extreme of such refined consumption - we’re off to Costco. Part of me squirms at the very idea of crossing that threshold, feeling as if being there makes me personally and solely responsible for global warming, but I need a six-pack of dental floss, a pallet of paper towels and a gross ton of spaghetti sauce.

I’m fascinated by the giant extended families plodding through the aisles there blocking my way. How are you going to get all those frozen chicken wings and twelve kids into one minivan? Maybe they secretly plan on leaving granny in the parking lot and hoping she doesn’t find her way back this time.

Also, we always get to play a lively round of Spot the Mos. It’s terribly amusing scoping out the other queer couples engaged in such domestic bliss. Who needs to get married? We have a joint Costco membership.

Mmmm. I’m already dreaming of a five-pound tub of salted cashews.


  1. Believe it or not, I just got a fabulous pair of glasses at Costco! A friend took me there, I'd never been to one of those places before (though my parents frequent Sam's Club) and I was really amazed at how...BIG it was. I think if someone visiting from, say, Eastern Europe ever entered a place like that, their head would explode. I know mine practically did.

  2. Is that what you 'married' couples do?

    Are you looking for a fourgy or just keeping up with the joneses?

  3. Keeping up with the whoms? THEY are busy keeping up with US, darling.

    And T., size does matter, doesn't it? I think there is an entire third world nation in the one here, tucked over behind the paper goods.


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