Thursday, August 23, 2007

The One, the Only

I realized I did not give the glory of Miss Chris Owens the focus it deserved in my post below Daze Gone By, so I'm featuring her here in single majesty. Ms Owens is still a fixture of Bourbon Street, 40 years after this ad came out and she is NOT A STRIPPER. She will make you sorry if you say she is.

You need to click on this to really appreciate it. Trust me. Maraca Girls! See and Do the Twist! Queen of the Cha Cha!
God love ya, Chris, I salute you from afar.


  1. Have you seen her lately?
    It's something else.

    She's still going strong too.

  2. I thought this might get your attention.

    In fact, I saw an interview with her the week after Katrina. The interviewer was trying hard to steer her into saying how desperate things were, how this was the end of New Orleans. The Queen of the Cha Cha was having none of it, stating emphatically that the Crescent City was coming back. Chris understood right from the start how important it was to get tourists back there as soon as possible and she wasn't going let some light weight CNN flake get in her way. Towards the end, the poor schmoe seemed afraid, and I don't blame him. Would you want to stand up to Chris and her Owens? No, I think not. She was magnificent.

  3. Believe me, I would not ever get in her way.
    Bits of stronger men than me are still lodged up in her cha cha heels I'm sure.

  4. Does she still do the Easter Hat Parade? If I'm ever back there for it, I'm going to be in that fucking parade if I have to duck tape myself to the buggy.


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