Friday, August 31, 2007

Surf and Turf

We’re off to the lovely California coast to eat shrimp at Tony’s, a restaurant that defines the word “joint” built on a pier over Tomales Bay. Because this is Northern California, though, the joint has an extensive and thoughtful wine list. The highway there is popular with middle aged guys on motorcycles with their bitches, they like to stop in and discuss the oakiness of the chardonnay. It’s just down the coast from where Hitchcock filmed The Birds. In honor of that, I’m including a picture of the studly Rod Taylor, complete with his big pole.


  1. Now, that's some prime turf there.

    How are those Californian shrimp anyway?

  2. The shrimps were delicious. I'm pretty sure they, too, started out life on the Gulf Coast. The local shrimp are eensy and sweet, but don't have as much flavor as the Gulf of Mexico ones, so everyone here imports them from Louisiana and Texas. They call them prawns here, but they don't fool me.


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