Saturday, August 25, 2007

O, Those Dirty French Boys

Thanks, and more than thanks, to thombeau of Fabulon ( for sending me the link for Un Chant d’Amour. I’d heard about this move for years, but never seen it. Jean Genet made it in 1950, it’s only 25 minutes long and it’s silent (You can watch it at work!) Calling it homoerotic is like calling Gilligan’s Island goofy; neither exist on any other level, but so what? It’s beautiful and fascinating and the best 25 minutes you’re going to have for a while.


  1. wow...that's pretty fascinating indeed.

    I wonder why Genet disavowed it later on.

  2. I really think it's wonderful.

    Was into Genet when I was younger, am now taking another look by reading Edmund White's huge tome about him. Whatever his literary merits, he was just a tad fucked up!

    But artistically, he really tapped into something...


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