Monday, November 10, 2008

Sparkle Neely, Sparkle

mrpeenee actually does not come from a family of drag queens, although rhinestones do show up a lot as familial mementoes. Case in point: tonight when we go to dinner, I will be wearing on my cuffs the links that were part of my father's rhinestone stud set from when he was young and, apparently, the terror of South Texas.

The idea that my father, who displays the suave finish of Jed Clampett, even had a stud set is amazing. That they were composed of rhinestones is like stumbling across Sarah Palin's past as a pole dancer.

I've had them for years and never worn them (well, how often has the need for stud set come up in your life? There's no need to struggle for double entendre here, I provide them for you.) I had to scavenge a stone from one of the shirt front studs to replace one in the cufflinks lost in who knows what madcap evening of long ago. I've rinsed them in vinegar to shine them up (come to mrpeenee for household tips for drag queens) and am looking forward to being the hit of our dinner table.


  1. The pasts of our parents are mysteries. "Who are these people," you think, looking at the happy couple in the photograph, grinning in the glare from the nightclub photographer's camera, "and how did they come to be replaced by the Battling Bickersons I remember?"

    I went out for years in my father's bafflngly elegant white dinner jacket, although, since it was 1983 and thereabouts rather than 1946, unlike him I wore it with the sleeves rolled up and arty brooches on the lapels...

  2. I've yet to encounter a bleh day that couldn't be picked up by the addition of a rhinestone brooch or deco-inspired bracelet. I recall a line from a MAE WEST film:

    Hat check girl: "...Goodness! What beautiful diamonds!!"

    Mae West: "...Goodness had nothing to do with it.

    Wear your studs in good health.

  3. Fabulous. All Hail Super Sparkly Mr. P.

  4. One of my favorite eBay finds was a set of tres 1960's Palm Beach links in turquoise blown glass, with an abstract/paisley pattern of gold glitter. I've never actually worn them, mind you. They were part of a series of cuff links, stud sets, etc., from the estate of a gentleman who was apparently a big ol' queen with a thing for bling.

    I'm sure you'll look smashing!


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