Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dental Hygiene Hijinx

Oh dear. I have this gigantic piece of dental architecture taking up space in my mouth. More than a bridge, it's kind of a civil works project. To floss it, I have to thread the dental floss in this stupid flexible plastic needle, shove that between the bridge and my gum, pull it through and then saw away with the floss.
Of course, I should only do this in the privacy of a small, dark, LOCKED closet for privacy sake (or, at the very least, the men's room. Same thing) but when I have half a pound of goddam burrito stuck under there, I figure "What the hell, nobody's coming by my desk, I'll just knock this out real quick and no one will ever know." No one except for the prissy Lady from all the way across the office who chose that moment to pop in and ask me something about schedules. "Oh, I'm SO sorry. Let me get back to you when I don't have a couple of feet of dental floss dangling from my mouth."



  1. I wouldn't give it too much thought, really. It's not like you had your cock hanging out.


  2. Michael guy
    now that you mention it....

    Dog is just God spelled backwards, as Evian is naive, and as Eep is Pee

  3. She's probably a dental voyeur.
    God knows what she's doing right now with her electric toothbrush at the memory.

  4. Honey, as someone who has been recently (though thankfully temporarily) banished to cublandia, I feel your pain at the lack of privacy.

    And Jason makes me laugh.

  5. Uh, I meant "cubelandia". . . . cublandia sounds more fun.

  6. "Cublandia" sounds like frolicking with adorable baby bears. I figured that seemed unlikely.


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