Thursday, November 20, 2008


In addition to co-workers known to be a menace to mental health, we now have mosquitoes in our cube farm. What the hell? I work on the sixth floor of a skyscraper in the middle of the financial district of San Francisco; the guys trying to deliver my new computer couldn't get in for a month, but blood sucking parasites can? What's with that? I have visions of skeeters cruising up in the elevator, stopping at our floor, "Thanks, I'll get off here."

When I first noticed a couple of them here, I thought I might be hallucinating, reverting to my Gulf Coast childhood. I was annoyed that if I was going to hallucinate I'd come up with mosquitoes instead of Rod Taylor.

But then I realized they really were mosquitoes, albeit tiny wimps unlike the great big honking predator ones from the swamps of my youth, so I squashed them. How gratifying.


  1. MrPeenee..if I were you I would report this problem immediately to the personnel/health people in your department. They could be breeding in the cooling tubs up on the top of the building and then winding their way down through the air conditioning system. Give the personnel people something useful to do with themselves besides the usual whacking off, or worse yet, hiring dim witted souls that you can never get rid of...just like the mosquitos!

  2. rod taylor is HOT!!! or was hot...


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