Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was emailed by a Lady interested in presenting a class here on How to Get a Guy. In my role as training organizer, I've had several odd pitches, but none so wildly inappropriate to a program devoted to developing business skills. Unless perhaps your business was marrying well, and then I can't imagine the simpering pointers she included in her email would actually help that much. One of them was the single word "Glow." Glow. Got it.

I think I'll put together a similar class, but one that will actually deliver the goods. My basic point will be "Develop a reputation as Easy. Guys dig chicks who put out." Registration will be available online shortly.


  1. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will help you get a guy?

    In a cape and Speedos, no doubt.

    Which, under certain circumstances, is very right.

  2. T
    the breadth of your knowledge is astounding. Who knew what GLOW stood for? I certainly didn't.

  3. Peenee -- It IS astonishing. And sad, really.


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