Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Back

The design of the office building in which I toil includes a long, street-level colonnade which opens onto a courtyard, which in turn is surrounded on three sides by tall buildings. It makes for a very protected environment, especially attractive on a rainy, blustery day like today. There's a Starbucks there, so you can sit cozily watching the rain and the schmoes running through it whilst sipping your tea. Sweet.

Speaking of sweet and autumnal events, my office is once again awash in leftover Halloween candies, all of it the no-name, generic variety, odd knockoffs of Tootsie Pops and Hershey Kisses and every other trademarked goodies. My theory is these are either the offerings trick or treaters scorned, or they are the detritus of what my co-workers' kids scored and subsequently refused. I can't blame them. All this crap looks suspiciously like it's composed of equal parts corn syrup, wax, and rat droppings.


  1. Ugh. At least its not tempting. Miss Janey would hate to see Mr. Peenee destroy his girlish figure.

  2. watta coincidence. I was just mowing my way through a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milanos when I opened your comment. Orca, here I come!


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