Monday, November 3, 2008

Amy Camus, P.I. R.

Oh dear, yet another Giant Among Us cut down. Yma Sumac has passed, returned to her Incan forefathers. Who knew she was still alive-ish, here in 2008? Did you know? I didn't know. The obit in the SF Chronicle today was filled with myth busting dreariness, but did include the scintillating nugget that she had a LP re-issued in the 90s called "Yma Rocks!" I am off to amazon as soon as I finish this to snag one.

I saw her in a 50s movie with Robert Young(!) about a bunch of plane crash survivors in the Andes being warbled at by Herself. I think I saw it. Maybe I just dreamed it. Still, I salute you, oh Peruvian Songbird of Extreme Freakishness.


In Which We Are Becatted

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