Wednesday, April 16, 2008

B-52s Beefcake

Hey y'all!
Last call!
Last chance to dance!
Do a white hot shimmy in a Lurex™ gown
Shimmy shimmy! hot! shimmy shimmy!
Twist the tornado in the lasso
Shake it honey! shake! shake it honey!
On the hot corner, steamin' it up
Shimmy shimmy! hot! shimmy shimmy!
Tragically hot, show what you got
Shake it honey, shake, shake

I have been so very groovin to the B-52s new album. It's as fabulous as their best from the old days. The girls are in great voice and Fred.... All I do all evening long is squeal along with him and rock. The houseboys are amazed, they apparently didn't believe I even knew what a groove thang was. Well I showed them. They were so impressed, they held a Shangalang contest to see who would be my dancing partner. The winner, above, Thelia Octavius. Congrats.


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