Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lasagna Night

I was a half hour late meeting R Man after work tonight because a crazy lady had involved me and my boss in a marathon conference call about something or the other at work for two fucking hours. This is a woman who, if I see her waiting for the elevator in our office, I will duck into the other hall and hide until she goes down rather than share an elevator with her. Anyway, R Man, goddess love him, felt sorry for me and took me out for Italian food and I lucked into the most delicious chicken lasagna ever. Ever. So now I'm in a cheery mood. With any luck, crazy lady will fall into a hole and never be heard from again, or at least, I can hope so.

When we got home I was able to admire the new bookcase we had delivered this weekend for R Man's room. Here it is, complete with white tulips and alabaster lamp cause we're, you know, gay.

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