Monday, April 7, 2008

Modern Office Life, Take Two

There are times when the schmancy office building in which I toil suddenly turns into a dank, cold box, something out of Dickens. No explanation, no warning just suddenly I become aware that my hands are numb, my shoulders are hunched over and I am expecting to see my breath in puffy little clouds. That's why earlier this year I marched my self right on over to Walgreens and bought a blanket. It's a stylish grey and white plaid made of light weight fleece, but still, it's a blanket. I never feel like such a frumpy old cliche of a civil servant as I do when I'm wrapped up in my blankie, typing. A blanket. Dear god, take me now.


  1. Need some fingerless gloves? I could get knitting...

  2. When they send you to the "Home", can I have your houseboys?

  3. You'll have to fight off all those other bitches (hey joe!) who are always sniffing around here. I envision my future as a grouchy old fart shaking my cane at them and yelling "Get off my yard and away from the houseboys."

  4. Or is that
    "Away from the yard.....and
    off of my houseboys!"

  5. What do you mean, envisioning your "future"???


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