Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deco Report

While I'm sharing decorating news, here's an update from my bathroom renovation completed sometime in January

First, before

and then, after
Fabulous glass tile

Fabulous faucet handle

Fabulous mirror and new lights.


  1. high glamour!
    (I'd expect no less.)

    but where are the pills?

  2. They're in the box marked "Neely's. Hands Off."

  3. Love love love it! Can't wait to someday see it in person! And find those dolls!

  4. Darling, you have to come visit, now that you're out here on the right coast. You can have the Helen Lawson Suite.

  5. It’s very nice and the pink walls are the most. Such a great color to have in a bathroom it makes skin tones feel more cheerful in the mornings especially when reflected in a gorgeous magic mirror.

  6. Oh honey, believe me, I need all the help I can get.

  7. Love the new bathroom. Where'd you get the tiles? I'm interested in conducting a shamless ripoff.

  8. Rip on, honey. The tiles are the best part. They're Italian (like Prada) and expensive (like Prada) from a company called Bisazza. Since we spent so much money on the fuckers, I've decided to name our next cat Bisazza and call her Zsa Zsa.

  9. Bisazza....I did some work with them once...They can take ANY image, photograph, illustration, etc. and reproduce it in mosaic tile.
    You think your bath was expensive? We commissioned a series of 8 based on famous statues.

  10. That tile is simply the best. Not only are they gorgeous shades of blue but they're of assorted sizes. Scrumptious.


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