Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cat House

Proving that we truly are Old Queens, R Man and I are still in mourning over the death of our much beloved cat, Maggie, two years ago. She was tiny, the runt of her litter we suspect, and not very bright, but she was smart enough to run our home with an iron paw.

To alleviate some of our nostalgia, our friend Super Agent Fred occasionally spends the weekend with us and brings his charming, charming cat. We call it Going to Visit Granny. Assizi is terribly friendly with a beautiful coat that looks like a mountain lion's fur. Like all really cute boys, he seems aware of the hubbub his ravishing good looks cause without being concerned about it. Another friend of Super Agent Fred's cannot remember Assizi's name and consequently refers to him simply as Steve. It's a nickname that seems to suit his manly appeal, like Steve McQueen.


  1. he is a manly looking fellow. I can tell just from the crown of his head there.

    (from yours too in that photo below)

  2. The cat I had longest was named Orlando Mendoza. Orlando after the Tilda Swinton role (they had the same color hair), and Mendoza in honor of Grace Jones. Mendoza is her real last name, don't you know. I raised him from a kitten and had him for several years. When it turned out that I could keep him no longer, an elderly gay man adopted him and promptly changed his name to "Sandy".

  3. Going to Visit Granny really makes me laugh, even more than it probably should.

  4. Oh my, for a minute I thought you and R had adopted!

  5. Oh no, it's just a foster home type thing.


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