Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of the glories of living in San Francisco is the abundance of cute, cute guys wandering around here. Especially when the “here” is the Financial District where they’re cute, well-dressed, and very serious. At lunch yesterday, I sat next to two prime examples of humpy suits. I couldn’t help but hear the conversation (I was not eavesdropping, I was listening. The tables are that close to each other, I couldn’t help it. Shut up) and I could never tell if they were new office buddies getting to know each other or if they had hooked up online and this was their blind date. Lunch at Rico’s seems like an odd choice for the latter, but they do have good enchiladas, so maybe.

It’s striking how similar the two conversations would be. Where’d you grow up, go to school, what movies do you like, that kind of thing. If only they had just gone ahead and gotten around to “so are you a bottom or versatile?” it would have cleared up everything. But then, the one in the blue stripe shirt was so obviously a catcher, I suppose the point was moot.


  1. They might have already covered that detail in the on-line ad...

  2. Yes, the ones in the blue striped shirts usually are.

  3. Oh, Miss J just KNOWS she'd die of happiness living in San Fran where the Pretty Boys roam so freely everywhere.

  4. Oh, you know, they're sort of feral.

  5. Feral pretty boys are the best kind.
    Love the hunt.


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