Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life in the Cat House

Last week was the anniversary of our bringing Saki home from the cat jail / pound. I try not to write about him too much because it's such a cheap, easy way to unleash a flood of "Ooh he's so adorable" comments, but come to think of it, I never said I wasn't cheap and easy, so what the hell?

And he IS adorable. Feisty and trouble, too, and I bear the scars to prove it, but during those times when he's sweet, ooh he's adorable. Every evening when we come home I pick him up, turn him on his back and process around the house with him like he's the fucking Baby Infant Jesus of Prague. Adorable. And when he's happy, he doesn't just purr, he makes these grunting, guttural noises that obviously signal cat ecstasy. Adorable. And the last Sunday of each month we take him down to the SPCA to have his razor sharp claws trimmed; the week preceding that is filled with playful slashes that leave my hands in bleeding ribbons. Okay, Not Adorable, but still.

Are we glad we sprang him from Cat Jail? Oh yeah.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Saki!
    (both my dogs are rescue dogs)

  2. Ooooooooooohhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! He’s so adorable. I hope that was sufficient?

    He really is getting big. I think he’s going to be one of those huge Tom cats that lay about waiting to be fed.

    Years ago I saw a Reader’s Digest cartoon,

    A puppy is jumping around when a hand sets a bowl of food in front of him and the puppy thinks, “They must be God”.

    A cat lounging on a sofa receives a bowl of food and thinks, “I must be God”.

    Pretty much sums up the life of a cat.

  3. i think most ginger cats are a little bit kookoo! i had one that ate with his paws, refused to be picked up and would 'puff up' for no reason.

    He sired a child that was just as loony as he was.

  4. Is your little adorable kitty that vicious that you can't cut his claws? I used to do my kitty's with nail clippers myself. funneee!

  5. Diva
    Absolutely not. We used to clip our last cat's, but this one is just too difficult to handle.

  6. Had to give my glamourpuss to a friend, was sick all the time until I found out the little kit was what was making me allergic. So, I must love from afar....and I do!

  7. There's no bigger battle of wills than the one that takes place when you clip your cat's claws. Little bitches are like jello when they wanna be.

  8. My hub puts these little claw covers on my cats. I make him do it because I don't want them to hate me. LOL

  9. Yeah, I'll add to the bunch and say he's adorable, and his eyes say that he's a handful.
    Cats rule.....the roost.


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