Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh, Not Much. How About You?

Oh, the thrilling life of two middle-aged civil servants. R Man woke up this morning sick, I think with the flu. Spiking fever, shaking with chills so hard the bed vibrated, and felling yucky. I made tea and toast, fussed over him all morning, held him while he shook, and then went out to lunch with John and Dan. See ya sweetie, try not to die. In my defense, R Man insisted I go. Besides, we were going to Foreign Cinema and I didn't want to miss out on that.

Lunch, errands, back home to find the sick boy downstairs lounging on the couch, which was fine until he tried to stand up and collapsed. I think it was a combination of his blood pressure meds and the flu, but I heard a big thud and came down to find him on the floor, slumped against the wall. He was unconscious and unresponsive, even when I shook him and called his name. I finally slapped him (not hard, don't be silly) and he sort of woke up. I felt just like Bette Davis in some early Warner Brothers weepie. He doesn't remember getting up or falling down, but now he's back on the couch with very firm orders not to get up without me.

Plus, tonight is the big fireworks show down on the bay that KFOG, a local radio station, puts on every year.The far side of the canyon blocks our view, but we can hear all the explosions, as can all the dogs in the canyon who are howling like mad and Saki, our cat, who is completely freaked out. I'm putting Saki and R Man to bed and then I'm going to go pull the covers over my head.


  1. Oh, my....Please give R my love, I hope he recovers quickly. So he can slap you back!

  2. poor R man! Goodness
    I hope he'll be all right. Scary!

    With all those fireworks and all that drama, it's like To Catch a Thief over there.

  3. I hope that R Man is feeling better soon. ((HUGS))

  4. Heavens, poor R!!!! Shall I come out there and make soup?

  5. I like your no nonsense bedside manner Nurse Peenee. I’ve often felt a good Hollywood slap across the face could cure just about any illness, good call on the diagnosis and swift delivery of the punishment.

    Hope R man recovers quickly before he requires more of the sobering lethal love blows.

  6. I always did think of you, Peenee, as a cross between Bette Davis and Grace Kelly.

    Tell R-Man to get well soon!


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