Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Garden

I would like to imply I have spent the morning cutting flowers for the parlour, like some well-bred Edwardian Lady, but in fact, I was out pulling weeds until I just got so sick of grubbing, I decided that harvesting freesia and taking pictures would seem like I was accomplishing something instead of just slacking off from the fucking nut-grass and dandelions, which are just going to win anyway.

Herewith, mrpeenee's salute to spring:

Lotsa flowers for the house. Freesia, ranunculus, roses, jasmine, cornflowers, you name it.

I love the color of cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus, and thanks to Pansy Bastard for helping me with the name)

The perfect yellow rose.

Jasmine from the trellis below my window and which on the rare warm day here perfume my bedroom all night. I know that sounds terribly poetic and delicate and I might feel that way if I hadn't just finished pruning them back with the tender attention of Sherman's March to the Sea.

The last rhododendron of the season. God love it, this poor plant hung on for years after I planted it in a variety of wrong spots until it finally wound up here where it's thriving. Right on girl.

This is an odd little edging plant called Gobu. The leaves look like strawberry plants, but it has lots of these charming orange blossoms that stand way above the plant on stiff stems. I think they're cool.


  1. so pretty!

    could not be more gay.

  2. That yellow rose in what looks like a deviled egg is too cute.
    I'm not even joking. Genius!

  3. gosh golly, I had never realized it before, but you're right, that vase DOES look like a deviled egg. It is, in fact, a terribly tasteful minimalist bud vase I swiped from a room service tray in Los Angeles.

  4. Ah, home-grown flowers. Somehow it's not practical when it's 120 degrees 24 hours a day. Come October, maybe we'll start seeing the hibiscus again, but until then it's nice to have your garden to fall back on.

    (jonesing for that vase...)

  5. You stole from LA? How dare you! I'm reporting you the LA tasteful minimalist bud vase police woman! Boy, you're in for it now. Have you seen her?

  6. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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