Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The messy Muscato continues torturing me with updates of his touring about Paris. Bitch. Not only is the tramp gadding about in my most favorite city (WITHOUT ME) he had the gaul (get it? Gaul, not gall? Oh never mind) to hit the Barbie doll exhibit there. Also WITHOUT ME. Go here for details, if you can bear to.

When I finished grinding my teeth, I was reminded of my girlyboy youth when my favorite pastime was playing with my friend Stephanie’s vast collection of Barbies. My favorite was a classic, with that early Barbie slutty-eyed face and three wigs. A cursory search on Google reveals she was “Fashion Queen Barbie,” a name that just makes it all even better. Then the Google search pointed me towards an E-bay auction where for only 50 bucks you can snag this:

All that and a grass skirt, too. A BARBIE DOLL GRASS SKIRT! Could life be any sweeter?


  1. That is bombtastic! So?! YOU bidding?

    The clothes were really made well back in the day. My favorite was Barbie's emerald green and aqua tulle strapless evening gown. I sooo wanted to wish myself tiny to get into that gown!

    Le sigh.

  2. Don't get between me and my Fashion Queen Barbie, bitch.

  3. I shudder to think what you did with those wigs.

  4. Jason: Perhaps those tiny wigs are Mr. Peenee's merkins.

  5. HONEY! I had that very Barbie! Aside from the fun of the wigs was the mystery of the molded plastic hair that you covered them up with.

  6. Alas, it's long gone. Or I would have already given it to you!


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