Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Like large, round melons...."

I love Mark Sanford. He is a hero and role model to tall, skinny homely guys everywhere. Not terribly cute or smart and yet scoring the hot love action! I say yes!

Still, I would recommend to him that during these press conferences expressing contrition over said hot love action, he refrain from gestures such as the one above. Unless of course he's actually describing voluptuous South American buttocks, in which case, I'd like the audio included.


  1. Didn't you love Rod Blagojevich, too?

  2. Oh, that's all over. Don't even mention his name. He's dead to me now.

  3. He's certainly more romantic than our Sen. David ("diaper me") Vitter.

  4. I saw him on the Today Show this morning & I took that gesture to mean that he wanted to man-handle my balls... & I thougt I would let him have a go at my big low-hangers... for a trip to Argentina.

  5. He crossed the lines with several women apparently but did not commit the full act, that is the modern speak for Clinton's 'I did not have sex with that women' ...as we all know anal and oral are not crossing the line eh Mark! lol


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