Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mrpeenee Triumphs in His Sleep

Darlings, there I was, drifting through yet another boring, boring, boring meeting. It was very early (I'm pretty sure it was that "morning" thing people are always gassing on about so enthusiastically) and I was not the laserbeam of mental focus I might have been. I suddenly realized that one of the corporate sponsors from our big hoohah last month was regaling the table with very nice things about me and the agency I work for. Fawning, in a word. I suspect other members of the committee who work for other, lesser entities, wanted terribly to explain I was not the big shot genius this guy had mistaken me for, but fortunately, the meeting moved on before they could quite figure out how to do so.

To celebrate, I'm posting a random picture of a cute houseboy, Echoium Bunyyious. Enjoy.


  1. If he is a houseboy, I'm definitely living in the wrong house.



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