Thursday, June 18, 2009

WWDVD (What Would Diana Vreeland Do?)

This room from the N.Y. Times today reminds me so forcefully of the style I was enraptured by 25 years ago, when modern decor dinosaurs roamed the earth. The only thing missing that I can see is a severe glass vase holding a single perfect calla lily. And a giant stereo. And a mirror for serving cocaine. But aside from that, a perfect reproduction.

The difference now is that I no longer see it as sleek and stylish, but rather as chilly and bland and so very been-there-done-that. One of the great appeals of minimalism has always been that it’s so easy to reproduce on the cheap. Any waiter with a bucket of white paint and a lack of furniture can pretty much hit it. And after you’ve been in one apartment with a black leather couch and no place to read, you’ve been in them all. It’s really as predictable as any chintz, chintz, chintz homage to Laura Ashley and Sister Parish.

So what’s a queen do? Some happy medium, I think. I like the tidy sparseness of minimalism, but I also want soft edges and comfort and COLOR. Imagine what a little red fringe would do for this room. Well, ok, so that’s not a great example, but you know what I mean.


  1. Amen.
    I try to reconcile my love of modernism with the gaudy baroque tendencies of my leo nature.

    Oh, by way of Big Lots.

  2. Was that a diss on Sister Parish?!

    :: clutches pearls ::

  3. Heavens, NO. I'm wearing pink and green chintz right now.

  4. I agree! The modern thing was piddling out as I was born but my Dad is a Modernist architect that kept the spirit alive for some time later. Until Harvest Gold and Avocado Green made the scene and my mother created an eclectic mix of periods and antiques.

    I’m really sick of the resurgence. Why can’t we have a period where they invent new things? Instead of rehashing the 20th century.

  5. I'm into minimalism and a lot of it!

    Just kidding, I agree with you Peenee about the blandness of it all, if I see one more stainless steel anything...I love colour and warmth in my home.

    And also yes, ayem8y, I too am sick of seeing everything re-hashed...Can't the freakin' "80's die once and for all?!


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