Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Business Beef

I just had a long meeting with a local business investment guy about a new undertaking he's putting together that will benefit minority entrepreneurs. It's a wholly admirable concept, very interesting and complicated and he was looking for some intelligent input from me about the project. Which is very gratifying and would have been fine since I actually know that stuff down cold, except he looks rather like a tall version of Rafael Alencar.

Even though he was wearing more clothes than this, it was still tough staying focused on business advice when all I could think about was how very smooth his skin seemed to be. And how very much of it there was. Beauty is so darn distracting. Did I mention he had the top two buttons of his shirt undone? Tease.


  1. I have a friend who, though he doesn't look like that, has skin like that. So smooth and soft. And he smells like seks. I'm always having to ask him to repeat himself.

  2. I may have asked this guy to repeat himself. I have no idea what I actually said.

  3. Oh, this is happening to me too at work.
    All the time.

    Not to brag, or anything, but Sr. Anne Elizabeth is even hunkier than this guy.

  4. Oh, you mean Anne "EZ On, EZ Off" Elizabeth? Is she still working that nun drag?

  5. I love a hot man all dressed up....it's more exciting that way.

  6. Nary a freckle or blemish, I'm amazed at his flawless skin! Has this lad ever seen the sun? Gorgeous!


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