Monday, November 5, 2007

Ann Miller: Man Is A Brother To a Mule

Pauline Kael once dismissed ANn Miller's dancing as "tick tock tapping." but I adore her. She exudes such a cheerful, wholesome, wholehearted sluttishness.


  1. Ann Miller was the only good thing about the movie version of "Kiss Me Kate," when she rips off her trench coat and proudly displays her be-spangled vagine, followed by an excellent (if completely out of place) rendition of "Too Darn Hot"

  2. I adore that number. I was actually looking for that on youtube, but couldn't find it, so I settled for this one. My favorite aspect of it is when she turns to the combo she just happens to be traveling with and commands them "Hit it guys."

    I've often repeated my desire for a spangled tangerine tap suit just like hers, but, sadly, I've never gotten one.

  3. But you have said "Hit it guys". I'm certain.


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