Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beefcake Polish

Gunther, our assistant housekeeping houseboy, has developed a fascinating technique for dusting objets in the parlor. While the practical effects are limited, many of our guests seem most impressed and have asked to watch the naughty puss at work. It turns out Gunther is a Libra, which might have influenced his modus operandi.


  1. Can Gunther teach my husband that tidy little trick (for when the kids aren't home, natch)?

  2. why is gunther only the assistant houseboy!?! it looks like he's doing a fine job and should be promoted.

  3. I have seen Gunther in action many times, and he never ceases to amaze! You taught him well.

  4. Or is it
    Polish Beefcake?

    Bring out the kielbasa!

  5. Poor Gunthar appears to have polished his nuts clean off...


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