Friday, November 16, 2007

Who is that Glamorous Creature?

Thanks to our spies in New Orleans who FINALLY got around to sending us pictures (below) of that annual bacchanal, Southern Decadence. SD is a sizable drunken drag parade through the French Quarter which my friends and I graced several times with our presence during the wacky years when I lived there. Said friends have gone on without me, as these shots prove all too vividly. Magda, my dearest sister, sent these and she's the one in the red curly do (been working that rat-tee wig for years, girl) and our other dear, dear is in the oversized sunglasses. While both share a place in my heart for out mis-spent youth together, I have to say how astonished I am to see how much they look like my white trash aunts from 40 years ago. Of course, Magda is the one who had his very stong resemblance to the late Brooke Astor pointed out to him this year, so maybe I'm underrating him.


  1. Get those bitches wound up and look out, honey.

  2. Oh my, you're right....the spitting image of Mrs. Astor.

    Oddly enough, it looks much like this every Sunday morning outside of Commander's Palace...the same cotillion of dowagers, but not quite as well dressed.

  3. A sensible girl in the South always carries a fan; I'm glad to see our Miss M didn't forget that!

  4. Jason
    I hadn't thought about Commander's in years, but you're quite right, I see the resemblance, right down to the ability to hold one's liquor.

    Sensible and Miss M. How rarely those two come up in the same sentence.


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