Friday, November 2, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me?

I’m back from a week-long training class in a suburb of Sacramento. Should someone force on you the choice of a week in Sacramento or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I would recommend that you think long and hard before turning down the stick. How the capital of California can be so unremittingly dull is beyond me. The little town I was in, Roseville, reminded me forcefully of the crappy little burg in Texas where I was raised. Lots of pickup trucks and the giant parking lots to accommodate them and not much else. The most attractive piece of land in town is, of course, the cemetery. Malls spread in every direction, composed of cheap buildings tarted up to look like the much older buildings crumbling away in the downtown they have rendered obsolete. Everyone is fat, except for the sullen straight boys who seem oblivious to their own charms.

I went up there and back on the train, which was the only consolation. I love train travel, the rhythm of gliding along the tracks and the sound of the horn wailing at crossings. This particular trip goes through the delta of the Sacramento River, green and marshy off into the distance, very much like the swampy terrain where I grew up. It’s pretty, as long as you don’t have to go wading off through the muck.

Anyway, I’m very glad to be back. The beauty of living in San Francisco is what a joy returning here always is, no matter where the trip took you.


  1. what!?! and you didn't even bring us back a t-shirt!

    i always like visiting old sacramento but i don't know why people would move out that way.

  2. welcome home!

    Sheesh...It sounds like The Grapes of Wrath out there.

  3. My family is from NOCAL, and driving through Sacramento was two of the most boring hours of my life- even more boring than the seven that preceded them driving through SOCAL.

    I gotta say though...the destination-Chico- not that great either.

  4. Also: I missed your wit. You're my constant reader, and your comments make me giggle.



  5. We almost closed Fabulon for the week. Without you, we're...sober.

  6. I hated not having Fabulon. How was the show?

  7. Oh honey, the show was fabulous, could not have been better. I was "in the zone", the crowd was totally into it. A lot of old friends showed up, which was great because I will be leaving soon...Just a wonderful, wonderful night!

    Your cd was sent out on Thursday---thanks for ordering one!! I included a special bonus just for you!

    Glad you're back! XOXOXO

  8. Not a Special Bonus! You are too good. Hugs AND kisses to you.

    I knew you would knock 'em dead on your farewell tour.


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