Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Apple Schmapple

Hooray, life is so very sweet. R Man is home and doing great, his recovery is nothing short of amazing considering they were poking around inside his heart less than two weeks ago and today we went to the Castroand had shrimp for lunch. I hasten to add, he's been very virtuous about no fat dinners until this spree. After that, we whirled off to buy a beautiful big Apple iMac (I keep thinking iMac sounds like medicine to make you puke, but I suppose I'll get over that.) I've never used any Apple and am still stimbling around on this, the beauty being that any of my frequently bizarre typing can be blamed on the equipment.


  1. YAY!!! Good news all around!

    I recently got a new comp (an awesome laptop) for the move, and it has changed my life! New computers rule!

    So do you, Mister P! Welcome back!


  2. Yay x 2!!!!
    Glad he's recovering so quickly.
    Glad life is sweet.
    Glad you and your snarky banter are back in cyberspace.

  3. It's not snarky. It's insightful. There's a difference.

  4. Shrimp and apples and recovery and snarki...ummm...insightfulness...
    all very good things.

  5. Yay! The spring chicken has returned. Insightful snarky banter!

  6. Pile another Yay! on there.

    Glad you're back Peener, and here's to R Man and the wonders of modern medicine!

  7. So glad to hear that R Man is doing so well, and that you're back in Blogland! :)

  8. hurrah!

    anyway, at the end of it all, isn't all snarky banter insightful?

    glad you're back!

  9. Snarksightful? But whatever it is, it's delightful.

  10. Thank you all so much. You bring a tear to a bitter old man's eye. And me too.

  11. Who you calling a bitter old man? And speaking of calls, you got back on line just in the nick of time; I was about to harass you telephonically.


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