Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garden Art

Wait, wait, what do you mean it’s Sunday night? I was just getting used to the weekend. Damn.

And what a sweet, quiet little weekend it was too. We had lunch with friends, one of whom suggested we head over to a nursery because they have an excellent coffee bar there. That, I think, is San Francisco at a glance. No experience is complete without espresso. But because there is no nursery I would every turn down, we were off. The place is called Flora Grubb, which has to be the greatest name for a plant purveyor ever, plus it turns out to be the real name of the owner. She was very sweet, too.

Total fabulosity, everywhere you looked was inspiration, thrilling inspiration. A real strong point was their ability to contrast the textures of adjacent plants so beautifully.

They specialize in vertical assemblies of succulents, big hangings that are like abstract paintings. Did I mention the old Edsel they’ve turned into a planter, with a big ass palm tree bursting through the rook and the engine block turned into a cactus garden? Totally too cool. With lattes.

And EXPENSIVE, bitches. I bought two dahlias, a small cypress, an agave and a pot and it was $140. Onehundredandfortyfuckingdollars. Had I dropped that much at the cheap little nursery I usually go to, I wouldn’t have been able to fit it all in the car.

Still, I’m glad we went. The whole thing appealed to me like an excellent art museum, but even better cause, you know, gardens. With lattes.


  1. Love love love it! Whenever I make it to SF, you must take me there. To be followed by cocktails, of course!

  2. Here I always thought that the last living Flora had been the Countess de Lave, and that when she went, the name died with her...

  3. Yes, yes, yes, we have plant nurseries here in Florida but without the lattes and much more affordable too. I think I would have saved about a hundred and twenty dollars on these plants but would have been able to buy an overnight rent boy who would have fluffed my plants and fixed me a latte afterwards.

    Like you say, “You pay for the climate”.

  4. Flora Grubb? I love when people's names match their occupations!

    Thanks for the flora-perve, Mr. Peenee, you know La Diva has to get her garden porn on! I miss my California garden with those giant black bumblebees and fat hummingbirds! This nursery looks serene and peaceful (for a price!)


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