Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seven Big Ones

Ha, ha, fooled you. Not Big Ones like that.

Bob, over at I Should Be Laughing, has presented me with the (immensely deserved) Premium Meme Award. It’s terribly of sweet of the old dear, so big thanks to him. And the Academy.

I have absolutely no idea where Premium Meme came from; Googling it leads to some pretty darn amusing blogs, but its origins are lost in the mist of the interwebs.

Anyway, not only does it come with this swell, albeit tiny, art piece

It also involves rules. To whit: list seven of your personality traits, as evidenced on your blog and then pass the award on to seven other blogs with notable personality.

1) I’m lazy. I would blog a great deal more, but the burden of sitting down and typing complete words is just overwhelming. Besides, coming up with topics to post interferes with my nap time. Completely unacceptable

2) I’m lecherous. Pretty much the only thing that will stir me out of slouching in a chair, staring off into space is the prospect of boybutt. Boybutt. Mmmm.

3) I am gluttonous. Why eat two chocolate covered marshmallow cookies when you can eat the whole box? You never know when your husband will find them and eat them himself, the piggy little thing.

4) I’m greedy. I could share those chocolate covered marshmallow cookies, but then how could I eat them?

5) I’m wrathful. If I can muster the energy after you have crossed me, I will say nasty things about you behind your back. Take that, bitch.

6) I’m envious. I look at how many followers all my little blog friends have and think, “Damn. I want elventy bazillion followers, too.” But then I see how many comments they get on every single post, and I remember how bad I feel about not replying to the ones I already get and I realize “Mmmmaybe not so much.”

7) I am so proud. Did I tell you I won the Premium Meme Award? Did I mention I live in the most beautiful city in the world even though I don’t deserve it? Did I point out in the post asking how many mens my readers had sexed it up with, I came in so far ahead you couldn’t even see my dust? Oh, I did? Silly me.

OK, OK, enough about little me. With a flourishing rip of the envelope, I award the Premium Meme award to



The Other Andrew

Ray Ray

Ayem8y Mean Dirty Pirate

Donna Lethal

Michael Guy



P A Bohemian Stephen

I know it's more than seven, I may not be able to edit, but I can count. I'm an overachiever.

Go to it.


  1. You know I'm such an old whore, I have to one best you...

  2. Bitch! I guess I had it coming...response forthcoming.

  3. Love the list.
    I'd always pictured you lounging in a La-Z-boy dreaming about boys whilst stuffing your face from the secret drawer of chocolate!

  4. OK... I have been tagged!
    Watch for my response, MrPeenee...
    you sassy wench!

  5. Great post! I love your #2. Boybutt. MMMMMM. I am a recipient of this highly coveted award too. I still have to write my post. Yours was so damned good I'm not sure I can top it. HA!

  6. you, dear sir, are ever so clever!

  7. OH MY GOD! I've never been awarded anything! Well, custody...but then I suffocated that bastard!

    I kid!

    Busy working on my finely crafted response.

  8. Thank goodness for your number 2.
    (that sounds dirtier than it should).


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