Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goddam Spell Check

The pot I was cooking in last night was (and is) a brasier. Not a "brassier" as spell check insisted, or "brassiere", as those masters of the junior high humor, Jason and Mistress MJ, so fondly hoped.

My annoyance is only tempered by the fact that seeking out a photo of it reveals that the manufacturer refers to it as a "cocotte," which brings up charming allusions to both coquette and Cockette. At least, it does for me.


  1. You could get a cock or two in there!

  2. Now see I’m totally serious about this subject. I love well crafted cookware specific to a style and purpose of cooking. Like a pressure cooker and any of the variety of specialty cookers.

    Humph! On spell check. It does me wrong every time.

    Take for instance good solid Southern standbys, aint, wanna, dud’nit, ardy.

    “I aint gone wanna use that brasier after he ardy used it. Looks a little dirty, dud’nit?

  3. Frankly my culinary skills are based on whatever Lean Cuisines are on sale.

    I'd note that I like to eat out a lot but I know how you'd fuckin' run off with that line.

  4. Rather than cook in a brassiere as you're wont to do, you might try preparing a meal in an athletic supporter.

    Mind you, because of its size it best suits "cooking for one" but you might try it on nights when the R Man is out of town.

    Oh, and I'd like Sylvester (rest his soul) to cook for me.


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