Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Want to Dance Like Jimmy Somerville

It is absolutely not true that I stopped listening to music twenty years ago. Well, okay, it's sort of true. In fact, it's totally true. I lied.

80's fag disco dance synthpop is the soundtrack of a very happy time in my life, the time I was happiest dancing, so imagine how pleased I was to stumble on Jimmy Somerville (one of my all time faves) singing "You Make me Feel Mighty Real" (one of my all time faves.) Is this old? Was I just oblivious? Probably. It is actually better than Sylvester's original. I know, gasp. I would share it with you, but the only performance on YouTube is abysmal, so you have to go find it yourself. It's on ITunes, it's only 99 cents. Get real, mighty real.


  1. Better than Sylvester? Hush! No, I haven’t heard it yet but isn’t that blasphemy?

    Must read, if you haven’t already… The Fabulous Sylvester.

  2. I love Jimmy!
    Whenever i put in a Jimmy Somerville CD it brightens up the whole world.
    Yes. I said it.
    The. Whole. WOOOOOOORLD!!!!

  3. I just adore that man!

  4. I did, in fact read The Fabulous Sylvester. I was struck by how much more interesting the peripheral characters were, like the other teenage drag queens and the Cockettes. Sylvester sounded like a not very smart, not very nice prick with a great voice.

    It's an old story.

    And Jimmy's voice is just a little ray of sunshine, isn't it?

  5. Closely followed by his cover of "I Never Can Say Goodbye" by Mizz Gaynor. Homotastic.

  6. I recently danced to both versions, one at Retro Eighties Night, the other at Retro Disco Night.

    I remember both when they first came out. Sylvester twirling around on Dance Fever.

    Jimmy Somerville from art school alternative dance parties.

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  8. "It is actually better than Sylvester's original."

    Oh, no, she di'n't!

    I call it a draw. And j'adore Jimmy's version of "Never Can Say Goodbye," and his usurping of "Enough is Enough" for the chorus of "Read My Lips."

    MJ, would you mind moving that bottle of Jameson so we can read your lips?

  9. MJ, would you mind moving that bottle of Jameson so we can read your lips?

    I dare you to use my Braille feature.

  10. It is from 1990 & a favorite of mine. I love Jimmy also, MR.P.

  11. I am huge admirer of the man and Bronski beat. Their debut album was called the "Age of Consent" and is about coming of age for homosexual men. I have written about this on my blog -the article is called "Age of Consent".


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