Saturday, August 8, 2009

Viva le Weekend

Cat porn:

Also, I finally planted the dahlias and the Coleonema I bought last week at the shmancy nursery. I keep forgetting the name "coleonema" but it's common name is "Breath of Heaven" and who could forget that? The foliage has a lovely spicy scent, so much so, that I moved it to the very front of the bed so I can smell it without crawling across all the other plants in the way. They hate it when you do that. And I love the striped agave. I know the correct term is "variegated," but let's face it, this is STRIPED. I wish I had gotten more, but if I had, I'm sure I couldn't have made the mortgage this month. Priorities, darling, priorities.

A little orphan mum I snagged at the half price place earlier this summer that was abjectly pathetic it was so straggledy looking. I whacked it way back and it has repaid my tough love now with some charming rose pink flowers, which is ok with me, especially since I thought it was probably going to be either white or yellow.

And sweet peas. The little old lady of the garden. More lovely scent. Plus, you have to plant the seeds in April if you want flowers in July and I always forget so I'm terribly pleased with myself for remembering. Yay me.


  1. yeay you, indeed.
    I love the sweet peas.

  2. No fair! I've had to resort to sticking fake flowers in my scraggly plants. meh. I'm lucky I can keep cactus alive.

  3. I look forward to sitting in the garden. And to giving Saki granny love. . .

  4. Ahhhh sweet peas! Who knew I'd miss your delicate fragrance and vibrant colours so?

    While growing them in the midwest I was always pining for walls of flouro bougainvillea and strelitzia.....The grass is always greener, isn't it?


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