Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the Sublime to Whatever

The great Maria Montez in the Cobra Women, rockin' out with what must define "hootchie kootchie girls" and King Cobra. Be sure to note the sort of uneasy look on the snake's face. Who can blame him?


  1. King Cobra?
    You're right....I need a 40 ounce after that.

  2. Perhaps it's because I watched it without the benefit of sound, but could someone please tell me what all that riff raff was doing inside the palace?

  3. Giff me dat Co-ba-ra jewel!

    Love this!!!

  4. Of course, she is doing something sequins...

    Miss J wants to try this at home. Perhaps it will help her charm Mr. J's king cobra...

    Coincidentally, Miss J just posted a story about snakes...


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