Friday, January 22, 2010

On with the Show

Always on the edge which is cutting, mrpeenee recently decided to branch out into rock star territory. Since I already have the attitude and since lack of talent appears to no longer be an impediment (see Lambert, Adam) I realized all I need was a totally kick ass name. Fortunately, Band Name Generator was there for me. Names supplied, in no order of total kick ass-ness, were:

· Beloved Mrpeenee Of The Content Minor

· Muff Of The Mrpeenee Hunger

· Mrpeenee Of The Unforgiven

· Lone Mrpeenee

· Mrpeenee Sanity

· Remote Mrpeenee

· Mrpeenee Of The Manager

· Mrpeenee Priority

· Mrpeenee Funky

· Mrpeenee Cushion

I’m leaning towards mrpeenee Funky, since that seems to cry out for a Bootsy Collins range of costuming, and who wouldn’t like that, but anything with Muff in it is also hard to resist.

Naturally, the houseboys are all auditioning to be in the band. In fact, little Augustus Tertiarius had to take to his bed, the excitement was too much for him, poor thing.

We’ll be playing here all weekend.


  1. Sweetie, I first read the one as "mrpenee of the manger." You and da baby jebus. . . .


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