Monday, January 11, 2010

Panties on Parade

Possibly my favorite caption (or"cutline" as the cognoscenti would have it) I've ever seen in the SF Chronicle: BART riders were shocked Sunday to see some riders not wearing pants.


  1. Looks like somebody needs a spirited wax.

  2. I'm so glad to see Sigouney Weaver back in the limelight. Love her!

  3. They took them off on the light rail trains (MAX) in Portland!
    Good clean fun!

  4. Dear Mr Peenee,
    I love seeing people shocked into the reality of public transportation. Does it only happen on a Sunday? I must make a note to myself for Sunday next!
    Luv Princess XXX
    Ps..I am visiting via "The Mistress", its nice to meet fellow bitches.I'm slowly making the rounds.

  5. Is that Val Kilmer in the work boots?

  6. Seriously? People in SF shocked at people not wearing pants? Things must be changing. When I lived in SF even the briefest stroll down Castro or Polk streets would net you a view of many a pantless man (and we were all better for it!


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