Friday, January 1, 2010

Jane Fucking Eyre. The Nerve

The last time I took the Book Quiz, I wound up as Lolita, which thrilled me no end. This time, I'm Jane Eyre. JANE EYRE? The fuck? The most passive prig in literary history, oh, no, no I thank you. Plus the fall from Lolita to Miss Jane "Don't Mind Me" Eyre is so dispiriting. Like moving from a hot dog to stale bread. Oh dear.

So here's the sad news:

You're Jane Eyre!

by Charlotte Bronte

Epic in scope and vision, you like looking at your own complete history. That said, your complete history is pretty much crazy. You seem to be followed by suitors, craziness, fires, and incredible turns of both good and bad fortune. Through it all, you persevere while maintaining adherence to your own somewhat middle-ground moral code. While you have confidence that everything will work out in the end, you sometimes wonder if it's worth it along the way. Oh sweet sweet Jane.

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  1. Really? I'd have pictured you as Bertha Mason.

  2. I'm Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar:
    Though you may do a good job of fooling others around you for a while, you are truly not okay. Which is not to say that you're incapable of great things or holding it together for a while, but ultimately you feel crushed beneath the weight of expectations and the idiots around you. Some people try to help you along your way, but it's those who don't try that do the most good. Electro-convulsive therapy may seem like the answer, but it'll probably just get you killed.

  3. I, it seems, am the Count of Monte Cristo, which seems ridiculous. I'd actually prefer Jane Eyre, who while occasionally tiresome does after all get Mr. Rochester in the end.

    And I see Mr. Peenee rather more as the haughty Miss Blanche Ingram.

  4. I'm:
    "Heart of Darkness!
    by Joseph Conrad
    To you, life is a journey. You just didn't necessarily expect that it would be into the abyss. Now that you're on your way into the deepest and darkest part of humanity, you are doing your best to see the brighter side of something you're not even sure you'll escape with your life. You do your best not to be racist, but you pretty much fail, although people give you the benefit of the doubt given the context of your life. Your favorite word is "horror" and your favorite ride at Disneyland is the Jungle Cruise."
    Since I never took Book Quiz One it's hard to say if I've risen, or :::gasp:::: fallen.

  5. Apparently I'm 'Romeo and Juliet'...

    Yes, BOTH of them together.

    Are they inferring that I'm a hermaphrodite?

  6. "middle-ground moral code"???????????

  7. Yeah, I was wondering about that too. What exactly is Middle Ground Moral Code, both in terms of the book and as it relates to me? Although at least it does sound easy to maintain.

  8. WTF!
    I am A WRINKLE IN TIME... how telling is that?!?

  9. Um, Tristam Shandy for me? Reall. Why, Mr. P, does this remind me more of you?

    You are a fan of many people, but most of all, you like yourself. A whole lot. Easily distracted and generally unfocused, you have a hard time communicating anything clearly or directly. However, most people find you funny and engaging despite your tendency to wander off subject. Though later generations may think of you as ahead of your time, most of your contemporaries think you're an idiot. If your life were a movie, it would star Will Farrell. In a wig.

  10. And sweetie I meant that in the most loving of ways!

  11. Sweetie, it was the "easily distracted" part that did it for me.

  12. I got Pride and Prejudice. WHYYYYYYYYY.

    And to think, I got Love in the Time of Cholera for Book I! Which is utterly wonderful (albeit not as awesome as getting Lolita.)

  13. I was the Holy Bible. I must rush off to Waterstones this instance to buy a copy. Would that be filed under science fiction?


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