Monday, January 18, 2010

Strap It On

Are you a Lady who cannot trust her man out the door with his baby maker? Are you just some guy who is afraid he is getting too much of the love action? Perhaps you are a freak, or a Mormon (much the same thing, actually, but that's neither here nor there) and you need to have your Johnson locked away safe and tight.

The answer is the men's chastity belt. Oh, yes, bitches. You can have that troublesome peenee under lock and key and never have to worry about, you know, erectile stuff again. Because you simply cannot trust a rogue dick.

The animated display for the CB 6000 is particularly cool.

Order today, but DO NOT send me pictures.


  1. I do like the camo one, however. Very practical

  2. Very interesting. Not that I want one!

  3. I think the clear acrylic one will work nicely into my Lady Gaga tribute costuming...

  4. Are there other colors? I mean, if you have the kind of man who will wear one, he's obviously the type of fella who will do WHATEVER YOU SAY and therefore does not need one. Then again, pink would be his color ...

    ps. see my blog today, Mr. P.

  5. That device looks sinister....yet arousing. Am I big old perv?

  6. Is this what they’re selling at IM these days?

    Imagine trying to have sex with that thing on...oh I get it.

  7. ARGH! It comes with an FBI warning!


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