Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I hesitate to mention the chill, knowing there are people who read this in Chicago and Michigan and other places where the caribou howl at the glaciers, or whatever goes on in those godforsaken hell holes, but yesterday I had to stay home and deal with the guys installing insulation in our house and it was freezing. It must have been in the low 40s, for god's sake. Since they were doing all sort of manly things in the garage with the duct work and what not, I couldn't turn on the furnace and instead huddled in the living room trying to read without removing my hands outside of the (tasteful) blanket I was wrapped in. Not easy. I wound up weeding in the yard just to warm up.

Damn, I hate paying for home improvements that are invisible, that don't wind up as something pretty. Don't bother ragging on me, I am perfectly happy being shallow. I know patching up the drafts will make our little homestead more comfortable, but it will do nothing towards reaching my ultimate goal of murmuring "The new Tony Duquette? Little me? Oh, don't be silly."
I was able to slip-cover a matching pair of houseboys, though, while I was stuck here, kicking around the house. It was nothing, really.


  1. You do wonders with slipcovers Tony even if it does verge on maximilism.

  2. Ooh, those houseboys make it all worthwhile.

  3. Oh, child, so with you on the weather front. It's gotten down into the sixties out here, and poor Mr. Muscato is practically dead of pleurisy...

  4. sheesh...
    It's colder here than there it sounds like.
    How'd that happen??

    I can hear the Maribou howling right now.

  5. the (tasteful) blanket I was wrapped in

    You mean your Snuggie?

  6. Why is it that no matter what you start doing at home, you always end up in the garden weeding?

  7. Wuss. At 40 degrees folks haul out the Weber and grill up a mess of bratwurst here in the Windy City.

    Re: houseboys; I'm a big fan of neoclassic balance.

  8. Miss J confesses that its posts like this that make Miss J wish Mr. P was a potential buyer for her house. He is always making improvements at his own domicile. The Janeys were discussing insulating their master bedroom when they decided to sell instead. Instead, they'll be freezing their butts off until they sell and move. 40 degrees is still cold in most places...


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