Sunday, October 21, 2007

Damn Yankees - Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)

My favorite big number, starring humpy, humpy, gay, gay Tab Hunter and the deevine Gwen Verdon. Amazing for a 1958 film this mambo is actually Gwen stripping, including rubbing on Tab like a cat in heat and crawling on the floor to take off her pants. They got away with it by making it comedy. See? It's not smut, it's funny. I love the part where she shoves his head into her naughty bits.


  1. It's also funny and not smutty since it's a one sided exchange since Tab would not respond to her. I recently bought "On the Riviera" with Gwen and Danny Kaye, and it was interesting to see her in that long forgotten role.

  2. I'm pretty sure Tab didn't respond to any lady, regardless of the tune. I love Gwen Verdon (now THERE's a Roxy Hart) but Danny Kaye is so precious.

  3. Tab Hunter is gorgeous and g-g-gay (seriously, how did people miss that) but Lola (whoever she is) is terrifying! She's practically chasing him with her vagine.

  4. Gwen Verdon is Lola. She was huge on Broadway, but never that successful in film, I don't know why. I love her. She was married to Bob Fosse and starred in Chicago and Sweet Charity.


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