Friday, October 26, 2007

I Know a Place Petula Clark

“I Know a Place” is a song that always demands doing the pony in a pair of white go-go boots, and yet, Petula Clark always, always remained firmly earthbound in sensible flats. Amazing. The youth among us may ask themselves “Who is this bitch? Where are her go-go boots?”

In her time, Ms Clark managed to be one big star by being a bridge between post-war big bands and rock and roll. The beat is the greatest there. O yeah. Get down, bad bitch Petula, get down.

Plus Ed Sullivan recommends safe driving. Well, OK.


  1. I LOVE Pet Clark! I have her "downtown" album on reel-to-reel!

    She's just fabulously frumpy. Most of the time she has better hair/outfits, this is very mod schoolmarm.

  2. I remember her as always looking sort of like this. I recall some show with her surrounded by bitches in a-line miniskirts and, literally, gogo boots and Pet still in her Sister Mary Elizabeth Katherine Ann of the Prompt Succor convent outfit.

  3. Ms Clark and the frumps go back a long way. In the Forties she was a precocious child actor with a good line in snooty superciliousness.

    Downtown always gives me strange flashbacks to when I was about seven years old. We had a teacher who was obsessed with that song and played it continually, even making us write an essay about what it might mean.

  4. Ms Clark and the Frumps. Hee hee.


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