Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Put Me On the Do Not Lamas List, Please

Weeks ago, in some stupid post, I revealed one of my many secret shames, namely, that I get all be-moistened by Lorenzo Lamas. I want to make it clear that there are lots of men who get me equally bothered and a great many more who give me even bigger pants. Anyway, I suspect that post has somehow linked me to the shadowy world of Lamas lovers since today in my email I got a breathless announcement of an entire page full of Lorenzo posters. Who knew? Who cared? Is there anyone this fascinated with some D list beefcake, who, for that matter, hit his beefcake prime twenty years ago? The world is such an odd, odd place.


  1. Nonsense. Lorenzo Lamas is delicious. And that's no more embarrassing than my Bruce Jenner fixation. (Though I have to say, Lorenzo got older much more gracefully)

  2. Oh I agree that he's delicious, it's the wealth of cheesy posters available that surprised me.

  3. When he was on Falcon Crest, I used to pray---pray!---that he would appear shirtless, or at least with his shirt unbuttoned. And what do you know, my fervent prayers were always answered.

    Between him being a big lunk, and Jane Wyman being an evil bitch, I used to love that show! The only night-time soap I ever watched.

  4. And now there's a new Lamas, for a new generation! Lorenzo's son...AJ!


  5. Better than being on the Arlene Dahl List, isn't it?

    (well, maybe)

  6. Kent-
    Thanks more than plenty for the lead. Goodness. All the hunkiness and none of the poofy hair.

    An Arlene Dahl list? Sign me up!

    I know. I know.



    I think that's even worse than old Thierry, isnt it? Yes, that's Lorenzo, doing Dracula over at Kean University in Union, NJ.


  8. ain't no shame in your game - lorenzo is a hot piece.


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