Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shoe Fly

Fall has come to San Francisco and with it, the rainy season to wash down the random shoes one finds on the streets here. What's with that? If they're too ratty for the Goodwill, just throw them away, don't dump them on the sidewalk for some dog to pee on. The ones pictured here were spotted by the divine Diane and me about twenty feet from the door of the Out of the Closet junk store on Church. I'm sure the store would have gladly accepted them as a donation, god knows I've seen worse in there. Maybe the drag queen trying to get rid of them was ashamed of their poor quality workmanship, although I think they look pretty snappy. Maybe she was too loaded to walk in them any farther, Diane's convinced of that. It's possible, but none of the trannies I've known would ever surrender in such a feeble manner.


  1. (I'm a tad bit dyslexic...when I read this I swear this is what I saw):

    "the tranny season to wash down the random shoes one finds on the streets."

  2. And a Happy Tranny Season to you, too.

  3. I would imagine in SF it's always Tranny Season. It certainly is in Chicago!

  4. I'm thinking about coming out with a line of Tranny Season greeting cards.

    "May the Joy of Tranny Season Live in Your Heart All Year. And Bitch, You Don't Give Me Back My Good Earbobs, I'm Gonna Cut You."

  5. Totally genius.

    You just don't know how long I've been looking for the right "I'm gonna cut you card"

  6. I had wondered why I kept getting home-made ones from you.


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