Friday, October 26, 2007


When R Man and I were living la vie homosexual in New Orleans, we did so half a block from the Ursulines convent, an historic structure that included the former chapel of Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Of course, this seemed wholly appropriate to me since I too had been known by similar names. I was never able to snag a t-shirt with that title, but now, I’ve found it here . I’m getting mine in orange, cause it’s sassy.


  1. Our patroness in fact.

    Gotta love a city that loves a succor.

  2. YAY! A sassy succor! That's our Peenee!

  3. Hee! I too have a sassy christian school shirt. Mine is lime green with a cloud of rhinestones above the school's name, written in cursive.

    It's a girl's shirt, but I thought it was fabulous. I wore it to Seattle Pride a couple years ago, for ironic effect

  4. suc·cor /ˈsʌkər/ [suhk-er] –noun; relief; aid; assistance.

    I'd say that's an appropriate nickname for ya peen!


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