Monday, October 15, 2007

On the Road

In the earlier post “News You Can Use” Jason reminisces about riding around in a boat being towed by a car which, in turn, reminds me of being young and cruising along in the back of my father’s pickup. We were going over to my granny’s house on a small back road and I was sitting on the open tail-gate with the toes of my bare feet just skimming along the road surface. Yes, any bump would have sent me flying to be mangled or some road debris could have chopped off my little piggies. Were my parents crazy for allowing this? Maybe. Were they white trash? Oh, yeah. But forty something years later I still remember that ride fondly.


  1. I used to ride back there for hours and hours and the dark for years.
    Explains a lot.

  2. hmmm. But was the truck actually going anywhere? You know, in motion? Was duct tape involved?

  3. Things were so different then. It was a good time to be a kid, I guess. Better than now!

  4. I see kids strapped into car seats like monkeys into torture devices and I think the same thing.


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