Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ahh, Home to San Franceeesco

Thanks again to all my blog friends for your support while we were off visiting Superagentfred (SAF) during his sad time. Yay blog friends.

We got to Baltimore Saturday evening after an annoyingly protracted trip (hint: do not try to fly anywhere during late December. Every fucking thing that can go wrong will and the explanation will be "Oh, it's Chicago.") SAF was distracted but holding up well, all things considered, and surrounded by friends who had, like us, rallied to his side. Interestingly, most of them were from here, but were in the area for the holidays, like Philly and Maryland, and were able to be there for him. They were all very flattering about saying they had been waiting for R Man and me (as the designated adults) to come and tell them what to do, but that was just window dressing. They had the distressing details of a sudden death well in hand by the time we showed up. All that was left for me to do was make the salad dressing and set the table, which I was glad to do, no problem.

Special mention has to go out to SAF's friend Christine who was fielding the unceasing calls, making lists, contacting contacts and generally biting the nuts off anyone unwise enough to get in her way by not getting on the Christine train. Yay Christine.

And what sad crisis is worth its name without some added grief? In this case, it was the sewer backing up in SAF's basement in the middle of funeral arrangements and autopsies and assorted other miseries. SAF seemed close to flipping out, so we took him back to our hotel for a nap while the Super Friends turned to. Christine proved her genius by producing her father the plumber, on the Sunday night before New Years, Russell mopped up and Jen charmed the straight guys from the sewer department. It's a testament to how much your support group loves you when the will they will wade through sewage for you and then make jokes about poo water. Yay Super Friends.

R Man walked SAF through what to consider about the will and probate and reviewed all the alarming details of the finances. I made SAF watch Legally Blonde with me on cable. I could tell it helped and I was glad to do it. Yay me.

Then we had a fifteen hour trip home. Delays, flights cancelled, standing in line at customer service for an hour, 1:00 AM flights out of Denver - delightful. Oh, it's Chicago.


  1. Honestly, this is beautiful to read...all of you being there together for a friend.

  2. Glad you're back and things went as well as they can. Sounds like a great group of people. Blessings to all...

  3. thank you both. Everybody was terribly sweet, but that's just what Superagentfred deserves.

  4. welcome back!

    at least you SAF had good friends around him to get through these difficult days. hopefully he will see brighter days soon in 2008.

  5. We knew we loved Christine! Glad you're home, honeys, and hope that SAF will be able to return soon.


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