Friday, January 11, 2008

Rip My Bodice. Please.

Romance novel covers fascinate me. They’re this odd bastard creation of maudlin respectability (the Ladies are always well covered up) with gay porn man meat, decorated with that icky Playgirl hairdo. It’s this intersection of ladylike sensibility with great big man titties that thrills me.

It also apparently spoke to some genius named Longmire, who put together a page of pretty hilarious parodies. Here's my fave below, but you can go here to see the rest. They’re worth it.


  1. Is that R.I.P. my bodice?

    Anyway, Lord of the Hissy Fits down there
    could hissy fit me any day.

  2. And he's wearing a kilt! hoo hoo!

  3. No, no, honey it' not R.I.P. it's just my incredibly poor typing once again. Isn't "bodice ripper" a derisive term for this genre? Something like that. I suppose the joke would have been funnier if I actually knew what I was talking about, but I never let that stand in my way.

  4. oh, and here I was worried that you were putting your bodice to sleep or something.

    Thank goodness not.

    And I have to say I do love a man in a kilt.

  5. Too funny. I loved "The Blind and Buttonless Horseman."


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