Sunday, January 6, 2008

Houseboy Drama

All right. Which one of you bitches told Hieronymous it's "Tsunami Season"? Hahaha, very funny. I've spent all morning trying to talk sense into him and he still won't come down out of that goddam tree. And don't tell me to call the fire department. The last time I tried that I liked to have never gotten them out of the houseboys' dormitory, the whole hook and ladder truck.

So you can laugh now, but when I found out who's responsible, you are off the Christmas card list. You hear me? Off The List.


  1. It was me, but I didn't mean any harm. I'm sorry.

    I was telling him,

    "Soon, Ami...soon...we will run off together away from this terrible place where you are forced to lick yards and yards of Christmas card stamps....soon!"

    And I guess he didn't quite understand.

    Just put a plate of milk on the ground, he'll come down on his own.

  2. It's not the stamps I miss him licking.

  3. i'm glad jason 'fessed up! i thought it was because i asked hieronymous if i could see if ~it~ was thick like a tree trunk. i suppose its the same misunderstanding of the english language that jason encountered which gets him into this kind of trouble.

    if only they could all be as comfortable with the language as rudolfo.

  4. but jason started it!

    *skulks off to the corner with head bowed down, face to the wall*

  5. hey mrpeenee,

    i just found this wandering around the blogsphere and thought you might want to add it to you houseboy drama collection.

  6. Jason swore me to secrecy, so of course I wasn't going to say anything. Bitch blabbed before I had the chance!

  7. At this rate I won't have any Christmas card list left. Fine, just fine.


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