Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eau d' Subway

As I stepped onto the jammed pack subway car this morning, I immediately noticed the suspicisouly open space left around the hunched over little gnome about a third of the way back down the car. Crazy? Or stinky? Or both? As the doors shut and his musky aroma rose up at least one of the answers became clear. I know from experience it is impossible to hold your breath for more than one stop and I was going three. Oh well. I love the big city.


  1. Oh, brings back memories of Chicago!

    I've already seen enough people talking loudly to themselves here in Portland that I feel right at home!

  2. So, are you talking to yourself? Like right now, as you read this?

  3. And it only gets worse during the full moon...

  4. Must be the nun made you think that.

  5. Must be the nun made you think that.


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